Local CAMHS service sings ‘This is Me’


Young people and staff from a local child and adolescent mental health service (CAMHS) have come together to record a version of ‘This is Me’ from the recent blockbuster The Greatest Showman.

The performance was put together in recognition of this year’s World Mental Health Day, which took place last week.

The song, an anthem celebrating people’s unique differences, has been performed by young people accessing Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s Winsford CAMHS service and a number of its clinicians.

Mental health practitioner Rebecca Kinnear said: “I came up with the idea when listening to the song in the car as the lyrics really spoke to what many of our young people in CAMHS unfortunately experience, being judged and feeling isolated.”

Rebecca added: “I love how the song turns that on its head and spreads a positive message about being proud of who you are.”

Local youngsters Jack Ballard, Robbie Wilmot, Tessa Law-Lyons, Keira Swift, Lucy Smith and Imogen Leigh all star in the video, as do CWP staff members Dennis Neill, Jessica Bull, Anne Casey and Ian Roberts – as well as Rebecca herself!

Rebecca explained: “There are several aims of the video.

“Firstly, to break down the stigma around mental health difficulties in young people and to try and change the narrative around it. We are trying to spread a more positive message. 

“It was also to bring young people together to be a part of something they can be proud of – and to help them literally have their voices heard!

“The idea of having staff involved was to represent that we stand alongside the young people we work with and that we support them.” 

Tessa Law-Lyons, 15-years-old, who appears in the video said: “I feel lucky to get this opportunity to spread awareness about mental health difficulties.

“It’s really important that people understand what it is so that they can try and minimise the stigma surrounding it and help people to feel that they can openly talk.

“It also helps spread the awareness that CAMHS exists and how much it changes the lives of people who struggle with mental health difficulties and get support from CAMHS.”

The song was helped on its way by a number of supporters, including: Orchard studios in Crewe, as well as James Kinnear and Eric Revill-Dews.


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