‘Wild Science’ rapper Jon Chase to perform at Chester Zoo


Science rapper Jon Chase is among the stars of Chester Zoo’s Wild Worlds festival this summer, performing newly created material about sustainable palm oil.

Jon will perform as part of the summer-long garden festival, with his rap inspired by the zoo’s campaign to save orangutans from extinction.

Chase is the UK’s foremost proponent of science raps, engaging families and a range of audiences in science.

His raps have featured on CBeebies, CBBC and Channel 4 Learning.

He has previously performed at The Science Museum, The Royal Society, The Royal Institution and at theatres and science festivals across the UK.

Chase was identified by The Guardian in 2008 after producing a science rap video for NASA about astrobiology. 

The live Wild Science Rap event will take place on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th August at 1.30pm, 3pm and 4pm.

The accompanying music video will also be played throughout the summer in the Chester Zoo’s Islands habitat Sumba Room. 

Jon Chase said: “Unsustainable palm oil plantations are destroying wildlife habitats.

“But we all consume vegetable oils, and palm oil is the most efficient oil crop, so the more I find out about sustainable palm oil, the more I think ‘wow, this could have a great impact, and it’s really important.’

“So it’s crucial that we communicate the science in many different ways – people are different and you can’t expect one message, said in the same way to appeal to everybody.

“Rap is just one way to spread the word, but ultimately, imagine the effect if the whole word listens!”

The Wild Science Rap will be one of a number of live events for visitors taking place all the way through into September as part of Wild Worlds – Chester Zoo’s first ever large-scale gardens and science festival.


Events to look forward to…

Pre-school children’s favourite Mr Bloom from CBeebies will make an appearance on Sunday 29th July (at 11am and 1pm).

Young families will also be charmed by a live action puppet show – with mechanical and musical interventions – from Thursday 9th to Sunday 12th August (at 1pm and 3.30pm).

Throughout the day on Saturday 18th August, Cheshire Dance will perform their Flamingo Dance Duet at the zoo, drawing upon the beauty, grace and quirks of flamingo life!

Dolly the life-sized giraffe puppet will wander the zoo from Friday 25 – Monday 27 August. She shouldn’t be hard to find – keep an eye out for her poo!

Before all that, on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th July, visitors of all ages can join artists from the Awekids Collective to discover the extraordinary sounds that plants make, recorded using a number of sonic technologies and then turned into music for a special new installation.

Visitors will be invited into the world of the honey bee on Saturday 4th August, Sunday 12th August and Saturday 1st September (between 11am and 4pm). Live performances will reveal the world of natural beekeeping at the zoo’s new Honey Bee Garden.

A wide range of specially commissioned artworks and installations are also on public display for the first time as part of the festival: from a walk-in Botanist’s Lab to a ‘Celebri-trees’ picture frame installation that invites the perfect wild selfie.

There’ll also be a ‘Dormouse Garden’ highlighting the hidden world of a rare UK species.

All events and installations are included within the price of normal zoo admission.

There’s limited availability for some events, granted on a first come first served basis.


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