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23 January, 2021


Readers’ Letters: ’20’s Plenty for Cheshire East’


The letter below was submitted by John Knight, on behalf of 20’s Plenty for Cheshire East.



After several false starts and problems holding meetings in a pandemic, Cheshire East Council is finally voting on 20’s Plenty for Cheshire East on 16th December.

Residents are calling on their councillors to vote in favour of 20mph speed limits as a default on all residential streets;

  • To reduce the number and severity of accidents
  • To reduce traffic noise and pollution
  • To reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and the rate of climate change
  • To encourage more active travel – getting more people walking and cycling
  • To reclaim the streets as meeting places for young and old, for conversations and for better community life

20mph speed limits are popular; over 1300 Cheshire East residents have signed the petition organised by 20’s Plenty for Cheshire East.

Annual surveys carried out by the National Travel Attitude Survey regularly show over 70% support for 20mph limits; and residents across the borough have campaigned in support.

Some councillors are doubtful, but they need to remember:

  • It’s not a blanket 20mph limit on all residential streets. It’s a default – 20mph will apply unless there are good reasons why not.
  • It’s not expensive – especially when weighed against the massive benefits.
  • The Cheshire police and crime commissioner [David Keane] supports it – enforcement is not an issue (at least no more than enforcing 30). By 2022 all new cars will be equipped with speed limiters which automatically apply the prevailing speed limit.
  • 20mph limits will help tackle the many problems we are facing; taking pressure off the NHS by reducing accidents; tackling the obesity crisis by enabling active travel; reducing traffic congestion, air pollution and carbon emissions; and boosting local businesses.

David Mayers of 20’s Plenty for Cheshire East said: “So our message to councillors is – don’t miss this opportunity to stand up for the vulnerable road-users, cyclists and pedestrians, young and old; and be part of the change to a more friendly and caring Cheshire East.

“Make it 20’s Plenty in 2020!”