Meet the Mayor – Cllr Sarah-Jane Gilmore (Poynton)


Cllr Sarah-Jane Gilmore is Poynton’s mayor for the civic year 2019/2020.

Cllr Gilmore was elected as mayor of Poynton on Monday 13th May 2019, and was preceded by herself… this is her third term as mayor! 

Sarah-Jane’s husband Chris is mayoral consort, and she will be supported throughout the year by Poynton Town Council staff and friends who will accompany her on visits.

Sarah-Jane has lived in Poynton for around 12 years, having worked in local government / social housing since she was 21 when she lived in Hampshire.

Cllr Gilmore first became a town councillor four years ago.


We asked Sarah-Jane a few questions to find out more about the first citizen of Poynton…


1. Tell us a little about yourself 

I’m from Southampton originally – moved up north 15 years ago and I love it here!

My full time day job is head of governance and assurance at Johnnie Johnson Housing Association. It’s a great job and a fabulous place to work.

I have a number of volunteer roles – including mayor of Poynton, Poynton town councillor, chairman of Poynton Area Community Partnership, chairman of 3rd Poynton Scouts and publicity officer for the Twinning Association of Poynton.

In my (very little!) spare time I am a very keen gardener, and avid bookworm and an amateur mixologist!

I am very lucky to have the support of my husband Chris and my son Adam.


2. What are you most looking forward to in your term as mayor?

This is my third year as mayor. In the last two years the best part of the role has, without doubt, been the opportunity to meet so many of the fantastic people we are lucky to have in our community and with their help raising over £9,000 for local groups.

I am really looking forward to doing more of the same.


3. Which local causes will you be supporting during your time as mayor?

For this year my focus will be on fundraising and raising awareness, for disability, accessibility and mobility issues (and projects) in Poynton.

I’m delighted to say that I will be working with the following groups:

Poynton Disabled Swimming Club, which provides free swimming lessons and swimming activities to anyone with a disability;

Open Hands is a friendly local charity, based in Poynton and their primary role is to help vulnerable people, who would otherwise find it difficult to use public transport to get to appointments. Last year they made over 1200 trips;

Poynton Breeze is a relatively new group comprised currently of lady cyclists who wish to purchase two adapted bicycles;

Deva Park Play Area has left a space in the current scheme plan to have an inclusive roundabout. The cost of the roundabout is £20k so my fundraising cannot cover the cost but I hope to help to raise its profile so other groups contribute.


4. What is the best thing about your town / area?

The Poynton has a simply incredible level of Community Spirit. We are so lucky that we have so many people in our community who want to get involved as a volunteer.

The degree of mutual support between groups is just outstanding!


5. What’s involved in becoming the mayor of Poynton?

Poynton’s mayor making ceremony is conducted with the councillors and any members of the public who wish to attend.

The mayor is proposed and seconded and then a vote is taken.



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