Lego big cats leap into Chester Zoo for half term


As we revealed last month, 2019 is set to be an amazing year at Chester Zoo.

And now, a pride of life-size big cats – constructed from more than 600,000 Lego bricks – has leapt into our favourite zoo.

The Lego big cats will be joined by a host of other specially-built, plastic-brick zoo animals on public display this February for the first time.

Visitors can discover the world’s largest felines (including fully-sized lions, cheetahs, tigers and jaguars) on a journey through the zoo’s exhibition garden until 30th April 2019.

Lego fans will be able to compare snow leopards with African and clouded leopards, discover a family of caracals and stand side by side with a majestic lynx.

Meticulously constructed by expert master-builders, the family-friendly exhibition will allow visitors to get closer than ever before to some of the planet’s greatest hunters.

An additional trail through the zoo will also reveal a host of miniature Lego brick species; from orangutans and monkeys to zebras, red pandas, bears and penguins.



As a conservation and education charity, zoo experts hope the exhibition will help to raise further awareness of the threats the faced by each of Lego models’ counterparts in the wild.

Families inspired by the Lego brick spectacle will be able to join a team of Chester Zoo rangers to discover more about big cats, have a go at creating their own animal models, then come face-to-face with the real animals across the zoo’s 125 acres of habitats.

Chester Zoo conservationists care for rare Asiatic lions, South American jaguars, North African cheetahs and Sumatran tigers as part of conservation breeding programmes for the threatened species.

Jon Turley, head of guest experience at Chester Zoo, explained: “Creating from LEGO bricks is a much-loved family pastime, but not many of us have ever created anything like this!

“Our African leopard alone, with its distinctive clusters of black spots, has been built from more than 100,000 bricks.

“We hope families will also get hands on in our LEGO brick building sessions, as well as taking a chance to see the real thing and connect with nature’s most magnificent cats.”

Entry to the exhibition is included with normal zoo admission fees.



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