Introducing… Cllr Hannan Sarwar



Cllr Hannan Sarwar is a Conservative town councillor in Wilmslow.

Aged 18, Cllr Sarwar is the UK’s youngest Muslim councillor and will be updating readers on his journey through politics.

He currently serves on the following Wilmslow Town Council committees: community and order, finance, planning.

Cllr Sarwar is an aspiring barrister and is also the town council’s deputy representative on the Manchester Airport Liaison Group.


Cllr Sarwar at Wilmslow Train Station


The Journey so far….

When we talk about politics, the first thing that springs into mind is Brexit but that isn’t the do all and end all. 

My name is Cllr Hannan Sarwar and I serve on Wilmslow Town Council. Since the election results in May, I have been working tirelessly to serve the residents in Wilmslow.

I knew that I wanted to make a big difference, so I decided I will serve on various council committees.

This has allowed me to deepen my understanding of the issues and concerns of residents.

One thing I love about Wilmslow is the community spirit, be it supporting local businesses or getting involved local initiatives, it is truly an honour to be a serving such a wonderful community.


Future PM? Cllr Sarwar outside 10 Downing Street


What else have I been up to…

Only recently I was invited to Downing Street to attend a round table with senior government officials.

We had a very productive and insightful meeting focusing on Youth Engagement with local government. Getting more young people involved in politics is one of my main ambitions.

I was very proud to represent the voice of millions of young people and share my personal experiences being a councillor.

I truly appreciate the governments’ focus and commitment on the domestic agenda, focusing on issues which come up in conversations on the doorsteps, more police on the street and greater investment in the NHS.

I was also invited to a reception with Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The royal couple this week undertook an official state visit to Pakistan.

Their visit has truly showcased the beauty of Pakistan and the importance of strengthening the relationship between both countries, which I hope will continue to grow post Brexit.

The event was hosted by His Royal Highness the Aga Khan at beautiful new facilities in London. The event was attended by leading public figures within the Pakistani community.

Throughout the summer period I have done over 15 media interviews on a variety of platforms, discussing a wide range of issues.


Cllr Sarwar with Altrincham MP Sir Graham Brady


Things I enjoy doing the most…

One of my favourite things in politics is heading out onto the streets and talking to residents. I enjoy canvassing for various reasons.

I get to listen first-hand the issues people have and I can make a difference. Once I am aware of any issues/concerns I am then able to liaise with the appropriate authorities to find an acceptable solution.

However, there is also a common theme in so many conversations. People want Brexit delivered once and for all, so we can move on and focus on our domestic agenda.

The only person that can deliver this is our current prime minister, Boris Johnson. He has shown the will and determination to respect the democratic referendum result.

The last three years have been full of confusion and uncertainty.


Cllr Sarwar, canvassing for the Conservatives in Wilmslow


What’s next…

If residents in my ward have anything they need to discuss they can get in touch with me.


If you want to keep up to date with what I am doing, you can follow my various social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, website.



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