How to reduce your sickness in your office this winter


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Every year businesses of all shapes and sizes dread winter for the amount of sickness it leads to.

In the lead up to the Christmas shut-down companies are often rushed off their feet, but colds, flu and other illnesses lead to reduced productivity and challenges for already overworked teams.

Whilst it’s impossible to completely eliminate illness among your staff, we do have some tips on how you can reduce its impact on your workplace this winter.


Keep an eye on workloads

Overworking your staff can lead to burnouts and stress-related illness, so monitor everyone’s tasks and make sure that no one has taken on too many jobs.

If someone does have too much work, then try to help them as much as possible.

Should the workload become too much for your existing team then work with a respected recruitment firm such as Reed to find temporary staff to ensure that everyone has a manageable workload.


Be approachable and flexible

In order to ensure that your staff feel comfortable in their workplace and able to communicate any health issues they may be having is to cultivate an open and supportive atmosphere.

This will encourage them to be honest with you and come to you if they have any concerns about their wellbeing, allowing you to anticipate any time off they may take and plan accordingly. 


Focus on your staff’s wellbeing

As well as an approachable and supportive employee culture, make sure that you have the amenities and facilities to keep your staff happy and healthy.

In-house gyms, access to a cafe with lots of healthy options and yoga or meditation classes held during breaks could help employees to make better choices and improve their physical and mental health.


Make sure that your workplace is clean 

Working in a dirty environment can weaken employees’ immune systems and lead to increased illness, so make sure that your workspace is always kept clean and tidy.

This can be time consuming, especially during the busy winter season, so consider working with a dedicated team of cleaning experts like Ideal Cleaning, who can provide high-quality cleaning services to ensure your workplace is safe and germ-free. 


Appoint a first aider

To ensure the safety of all of your staff, make sure that you have a dedicated first aider, and that they have access to a fully stocked first aid kit to treat any accidents that may occur in your workplace quickly.

This will help them to reduce the chances of small problems becoming big health issues. St John Ambulance provides first aid equipment and courses that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation. 


Encourage healthier habits

One way to improve your staff’s general health is to encourage them to make healthier, better-informed choices.

Consider removing any access to unhealthy snacks, such as getting rid of vending machines filled with chocolate and crisps and replacing them with granola bars, nuts and other healthier treats.

Offer your staff guides on how to improve their health and have posters in communal areas encouraging exercise and healthier eating.



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