First spring lambs born at Tatton


Tatton Park’s parkland is a beautiful natural space, and especially so in springtime.

The gates may be closed at present, but staff are trying to share the beauty, nature and history of Tatton Park with people in any way they can.

Keep an eye on the Tatton Park website and social media channels for news from around the park.


The first lambs have been born

We are officially in lambing week and the farm has reported the arrival of the first of this year’s lambs!

Mothers and babies (37 so far) are all said to be doing well.

In addition to the commercial crossbreed at the farm, there are two different types of sheep in Tatton Park’s parkland – Hebridean and Soay. 



If you’ve spotted black sheep at Tatton Park, they’re Hebridean. It’s one of the oldest existing flocks on record, dating from 1887.

Over the years, Tatton’s have developed an endearing physical trait called a ‘topknot’, which is basically frizzy hair on top of the head!

Tatton’s rangers are reporting the addition of 50 lambs to the flock so far – and they’re real cuties! 



The brown ‘goat-like’ sheep you may have seen at the Park are Soay. This small, primitive breed is thought to have been farmed as long ago as the Bronze Age.

They are later to lamb than Hebridean sheep.

For both breeds, rangers only intervene if there are complications or if a lamb is abandoned by its mother. 


Lord Egerton’s legacy

The will of the last Lord Egerton requested that two rare breeds of sheep continue to be grazed on the Tatton Estate, and today these unusual flocks can be found in the various paddocks around the mansion.

“The sheep are a vital part of Tatton’s heritage” explained Darren Morris, senior ranger at Tatton Park.

“Visitors love them and they’re a useful educational resource as well as enhancing the Parkland – just as Lord Egerton intended.

“We are proud to be custodians of such beautiful animals with such a rich history.”



The gates may be closed, but you can still visit online

Interesting wildlife moments and beautiful images from the parkland, farm and garden are still being shared online by the Tatton Park team.

Vital activities are still being carried out by a small number of staff.


Reminder from Tatton Park

“Tatton Park is currently closed to the public. This is a temporary measure that is being kept under regular review as we respond to the national and local situation.”

“Stay safe and we hope to welcome you to Tatton Park in the near future.”





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