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Edward Timpson, Conservatives – Eddisbury – GE19 candidate


We are providing all 39 parliamentary candidates across Cheshire the opportunity to tell our readers what their priorities are, and to tell us a little more about themselves.

We’ve asked the same five questions of each candidate, for the simplest comparison, and we have invited candidates to supply social media and website links if they choose to.

In this article, we speak to Edward Timpson, standing for the Conservatives in Eddisbury.



1. What is the main reason you’ve decided to stand in this election?

Eddisbury has been my home for over 30 years, which means your concerns are my concerns.

And it’s why my priority is to get Brexit done so that we can move on and start to bring about real change in government.


2. Which local priorities would you take forward as our MP?

Some of the differences Eddisbury residents will see are more police on the beat in Cheshire; an increase in the number of GP appointments available; improved rural broadband and local bus services; firm support for Eddisbury’s farmers; a boost in funding for every child in our schools; and a rate cut to breathe more life into our high streets.


3. Which national priorities would you take forward as our MP?

Finally moving on from 3.5 years of political paralysis will enable us to focus on other important national priorities, and they will have local consequences, as I’ve already explained: for example police, schools and the NHS.

I’m pleased there will be no income tax, VAT or National Insurance rises, and keeping the popular “triple lock” means the state pension will be increased by CPI measure of inflation, wage growth or 2.5% each year – whichever is the highest.

Nobody will have to sell their home to pay for adult care, and we’ll create far more childcare places.

On a practical note, £2billion will fill a lot of potholes, which in a rural constituency like Eddisbury is actually really important!


4. What is it about your party and/or its manifesto that makes you proud to represent your party? Are there any manifesto pledges or commitments you’d like to see changed?

This is a manifesto to ensure we deliver Brexit. Get out of the paralysis the country finds itself in, and move forward so we can deliver a strong ambitious domestic agenda.

As a former minster for children and families, I’m really pleased with our policy on vulnerable children.

Children who end up in care are more likely to struggle as adults, denied the love and stability most of us take for granted. We will prioritise stable, loving placements for those children – adoption where possible or foster parents recruited by the local authority.

We will also review the care system to make sure that all care placements and settings are providing children and young adults with the support they need.

And a strong society needs strong families. We will improve the Troubled Families programme and champion Family Hubs to serve vulnerable families with the support they need to care for children – from the early years and throughout their lives.


5. Please tell us a little about yourself.

(ie: your background, your experience, your hobbies, your non-political interests)

Prior to working in politics, I was a family law barrister working out of Chester, and I kept that interest in children and families going, ending up as the minister responsible.

I got to increase the age of leaving foster care from 18 to 21, which is one of my proudest achievements.

Outside work, I have raised over £50,000 for charity running marathons, I love playing football with a group of local dads, and I am known for my homemade rhubarb crumble.

My wife Julia and I have four children to bring up too, so I don’t have much time for anything else!


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