Obituary – Charles Gaughan

22 February, 2021


Video shows graveyard being flooded during maintenance work



An Orbitas maintenance crew has been filmed pumping water out of a grave hole and onto the site of existing graves in Alderley Edge.

The workers were draining a plot at Alderley Edge Cemetery, and can be seen pumping water out using specialised equipment.

It was documented in a video shared on Facebook by Louis Beschizza, who described their actions as ‘disrespectful’ and ‘unnecessary’ as there is a mains drain located nearby which it is argued they could’ve used instead.

Mr Beschizza told So Cheshire: “I only came across them as I was visiting the graveyard to pay my respects to my grandad.

“My dad was with me and he confronted the Orbitas staff and asked them what they were doing because there’s a drain right next to where their truck was.

“They were rude and told us to ‘jog on’ when we tried to ask them what they were doing and they didn’t really seem to care at all.”

Mr Beschizza added: “I think it’s disrespectful. We tried to phone Orbitas to complain but we couldn’t get through on any of the numbers. They just don’t seem to care.”

The company is owned and controlled by Cheshire East Council.

It says on its website “Taking this innovative approach [will] ensure that levels of service can be maintained or improved upon, at no extra cost to the tax payer.”

After footage of the incident was posted on the So Cheshire website, deputy council leader Cllr Craig Browne said: “At my request, an internal investigation has been launched at Orbitas (Bereavement Services). Once that has concluded I will be able to comment further.”

Separately, So Cheshire has contacted both Orbitas and Cheshire East Council for a response.