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Cheshire based artist/entrepreneur/manufacturer, Norman Reay, announces the successful launch of his resin art training courses (an extension of his Reson-8 business) and the achievement of a bronze student’s choice award from

Speaking today, Reson-8 Student Jill Thomas comments: “I attended an absolute novice and left feeling like an artist; Norman’s relaxed style, knowledge and demonstration of the subject matter fills you with confidence and makes you feel like bulk buying materials, renting a studio and locking yourself away for a month!”

From starting his first business (Forest Creations) in 2012, which focused on unique, tree root based clock designs, Norman moved into resin art installations, founding Reson-8 to offer homeowners and business customers resin art refurbishments of tables, work/counter tops, doors and wall art – a durable, attractive and less expensive alternative to new replacements of such worn or damaged items (see customer review, web site home page –

Norman believes he is the only provider of  resin art solutions of this type in the North West.

It was a natural progression to also offer training courses, such is the level of interest in new and dynamic craft activities; the response over the last three months has been significant with bookings now extending to June, with people willing to travel from as far as Cambridgeshire & Yorkshire.

Norman’s inspiration originates from a personal tragedy – what started off as a therapeutic hobby has now grown into two progressive businesses.

Firstly, in 2012,  Norman had the vision and belief that taking something that was considered dead or destined for the log burner could be brought back to life; he had the idea of creating clocks but knew that he could never make a clock with rigid shapes so he chose to work mostly with roots.

So, from these little ‘acorn’ ideas,  beautiful and original clocks evolved and these are now sold all over the world – Australia, China, Africa, Germany, Sweden, Canada and the USA – as well as literally hundreds of customers across the British Isles.

In 2018  Norman started to add resin art to his clocks – he did this to add his own character to certain wood types that had very little character.

He taught himself to mix and use Resin in an art form that was both creative and ascetically appealing. These types of clocks became popular almost immediately upon showing them at events.

Having been asked by customers on a number of occasions if he could apply resin to customer’s tables and work tops he undertook training in both vertical and horizontal resin applications, becoming a certified Resin Installer.

He then started Reson-8, and has, since 2019, used resin art to turn old or damaged work tops and tables into works of art; the beauty of this is the fact that customers’ own ideas/designs and colours are followed, giving each customer a design which reflects their own moods and preferences as well as being totally unique.

To celebrate the success of his businesses to date, Norman is offering a free prize draw to win two places on his resin-8 introductory courses – these will be offered for Mother’s Day,  and Father’s Day

Speaking today Norman says “I have seen that these courses appeal to a complete spectrum of people and it is great to see how much they enjoy learning something new, walking away with a piece of completed resin artwork, which, as seen from the image provided, can be astonishingly good.

“As I am one of the only businesses in the county to be able to do small courses (1-2 people) at no extra cost, this flexible approach is paying dividends in these difficult times.”





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