Three reasons to add some gorgeous designer sneakers to your fall wardrobe now


Image credit: Gucci

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Now fall is officially here, it’s a great time to start investing in the key pieces that will see you through the colder months in style.

Of course, the best things to buy are those that will not only make an immediate update to your outfits but will also remain favorites among your clothing options for many more seasons to come. 

Shoes can definitely fall into this category, and with fall being such a great season for laid back afternoons and time spent outdoors, sneakers are definitely something that you’re going to be able to get plenty of wear out of in the coming months. 

Here are three great reasons to go luxe and invest in some of the season’s most stylish designer sneakers for fall 2019:


Fashion and comfort go hand in hand right now

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the latest trends the last few years, you may well have noticed that there has been a definite move towards comfortable, practical clothing that also has its own stylish edge.

The ubiquity of athleisure fashion and other statement trends like normcore switch the focus from looking good at any cost to your comfort to clothes that not only look modern and cool but are also easy to wear. 

This means sneakers are the footwear to go to whether you are throwing on a casual look for a day out shopping or wearing some of this seasons’ cute knitted midi dress styles for a lunch date. 

But what makes the difference between a chic, laid back look and a bland one is really the styling on the shoes themselves.

Opt for an iconic yet luxurious sneaker look such as the Gucci sneakers you can find at SSENSE to keep your comfy, practical styles on-trend and classy.

SSENSE has all of the latest sneaker collections from high fashion names like Balenciaga, Givenchy, and Gucci, and you’ll be certain to find the perfect pair there.


Perfect for a casual workplace

If you work somewhere with a casual dress code, then it can be difficult to dress down while still feeling like you look smart and are making an impact with your personal style.

Designer casual shoes like sneakers are a subtle way to make your low-key work looks feel more stylish, and to upgrade your daytime style.

They’re also perfect for hitting happy hour after the office!


A versatile addition

Another reason to get yourself some designer sneakers now is that if you pick a timeless style then you can be adding a versatile new shoe to your wardrobe that’ll serve you for a lot more than just the current season and winter 2019.

Quality high-end sneakers, when you take care of them, can stay looking good for years, and may just get even more comfortable with wear!

These are three reasons why you should check out some of the beautiful new sneakers from the best designer names and add a pair to your wardrobe this fall!



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