The Flintstones roll into Nantwich for fundraising launch


Visitors to Nantwich were able to “meet the Flintstones” and “have a yabba dabba doo time” on Saturday when the modern stone age family rolled into town to promote The 2CV Challenge.

‘Fred and Barney’ entertained onlookers as they pulled a classic Citroen 2CV through the streets of Nantwich to gain support for their upcoming challenge which will take place in April 2020 in aid of Dementia UK.

Steve ‘Flintstone’ and Rich ‘Rubble’ will travel back to the UK from the French Alps in a Citroen 2CV named Flo, while completing a series of challenges with the target of raising £100,000 for charity.

Steve chose to launch the ambitious fundraising campaign in his hometown of Nantwich and hopes to raise awareness of the charity challenge he’s set to embark upon.

Dressed as characters from the The Flintstones, Steve and Rich delighted onlookers with their stone age antics.

Steve explained: “Every summer when I was growing up, my dad used to drive us down to France in an old Citroen.

“He absolutely loved that car, and as much as my siblings and I would fight like hell in the back all the way, they were some of the happiest times of my childhood.

“When dad’s dementia began, there were many challenging moments, but one of the most painful was when he finally had to give up driving.

“Not only had it always been something he’d loved doing, but it felt like that moment also represented his loss of independence.”

He continued: “We came up with the idea of The 2CV Challenge earlier this year, when an old Citroen 2CV car overtook the coach Rich and myself were on and we said how much fun it would be to drive one again.

“It went from that, to driving it back from the Alps next year. Along the way we’ll be completing a tonne of challenges in order to raise as much money for Dementia UK as we can.”

Some of the challenges that have already been decided include:

  • Run Rabbit Run – Rich and Steve will play ‘rock, paper, scissors’ and the winner will drive ahead for 10 minutes, while the loser has to jog to catch up while wearing an Easter bunny outfit
  • Strong Man – Rich and Steve will have a competition to see who can pull the 2CV the furthest in 30 seconds.
  • The Winner Takes It All – Rich and Steve will take it in turn to sing every Abba song (approximately 3 hours of torture). They will share clips on social media and you can decide the winner, who will then enjoy a well-earned nap in the back while the loser continues the drive!

Steve commented: “There are a number of ways to help Flo and Team 2CV to reach our financial goal of £100k for dementia.

“Simply pledge some money on the dedicated JustGiving page because you believe in the cause, or challenge the team to do something fun or crazy to make the drive more fun!

“If you’re an individual you can set us a challenge for £50, as long as it’s not against EU law!

“If you’re a company, then we’ll complete any challenge for £200, and we’ll share the evidence with you on video via social media, whilst giving your company a big shout out!

“Pledges of any value are most welcome and all the money will go directly to the charity.”

When donating through JustGiving please remember to suggest your challenge or bet when asked to leave a message.




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