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Recipe: Christmas mincemeat

When used with a ready made puff pastry, this mincemeat makes the most delicious mince pies.   Ingredients 2 small Granny

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Recipe: Nectarine and hazelnut open-crust pie

You don’t have to been the winner of the Great British Bake Off to create this easy-going free-form pie! The

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Recipe: Ginger chilli tuna with Asian-style plum sauce

In this tasty Asian-inspired recipe, the plums are made into a spicy sauce to accompany tuna steaks cooked with toasted

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Recipe: Mulled plum punch

There’s something so welcoming about a hot alcoholic tipple. Not only does it taste terrific – it gives your home

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Recipe: Roasted plum, pumpkin and lentil korma

In this delicious curry, plums are roasted with pumpkin or butternut squash, then combined with korma curry paste, coconut cream

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Recipe: Peach and amaretto tiramisu

This luscious dessert is made with sponge fingers soaked in Amaretto liqueur and coffee, layered with a heavenly mascarpone cheese

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Recipe: Peachy plum waffles with chocolate drizzle

Kids (of all ages) will love these yummy waffles, topped with caramelised peach and plum slices drizzled with an easy-to-make