Review: Alderley Edge Gin Social


Friday 16th February saw the launch of The Wine School of Cheshire’s gin social events in Alderley Edge – the first of numerous gin tastings taking place across the county – and it sold out in less than 24 hours of going on sale!

We were lucky enough to have been handed undoubtedly the hottest ticket in the village, and enjoyed a superb evening tasting five different gins – with a sixth glass reserved for us to experiment or try our favourite combination again.

Each of the premium gins were either paired with Fever-Tree tonic water or 1724 tonic water.

Legend has it that the bark of the fever tree was first used by the Spanish in the early 1630s when it was given to the Countess of Chinchon, who had contracted malaria (the ‘fever’) whilst living in Peru. The Countess recovered and the healing properties of the tree were discovered.

However, the healing power of the tree only became world renowned in the 1820s when officers from the British Army in India, in an attempt to ward off malaria, mixed quinine (the extract from the bark of the fever-tree) with sugar and water, creating the first Indian tonic water.

It was made more palatable when they added gin to the mixture – and the combination has been a favourite ever since, with a recent revival taking the UK’s bars and wine stores by storm.

Limited to just 12 guests, The Wine School of Cheshire’s events are intimate enough for an evening of socialising among friends (or, indeed, friendships newly-formed).

The selection of gins will change for each event too, so you can be sure that no two will be alike!

We drank:

  • Sacred Gin (flavoured with 12 botanicals, handcrafted by Ian Hart)
  • King of Soho (distilled in the heart of London, a tribute to Paul Raymond)
  • Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin (named after the grandfather, Jacobus Alfons)
  • Gin 209 (distilled five times with a fragrant blend of 13 botanicals)
  • Tarquin’s British Blackberry Gin (with a touch of Cornish wildflower honey)

The wine school’s knowledgeable host’s expertise ensures guests are guided through both a variety of interesting facts and tips for enjoying your favourite beverage as well as details on the distilleries they originate from – critical in considering why one garnish works better than another.

Inevitably these evenings get more raucous the more gin is consumed, however notes are provided for further reading and research (wine school loves to hand out a bit of homework).

The evening is meticulously planned, so all preferences are catered for – it’s a fine balance of education and enjoyment, and it’s superbly well structured to that effect.

The next gin social with tickets available is on Thursday 31st May at Arighi Bianchi in Macclesfield, and there are just a handful of tickets left for for the next gin social in Alderley Edge which takes place in The Tasting Room at Corks Out on Friday 8th June.

New dates for this summer for Knutsford and Chester are now live at:


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