Relocating? 5 tips to make the move easy


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Are you currently in the process of relocating? Packing up the belongings in your household and relocating is no easy task and can become extremely challenging.

During this stressful time, efficient planning is your greatest asset. 

The following five tips will assist in making the relocation process is easy and systematic.



  1. Declutter while packing up room by room 

You will be astounded by the number of items that you accumulate over the years.

While packing your belongings, use the opportunity to declutter and get rid of items that you no longer need.

Assess each room individually, starting with one room at a time and only move on to the next once you have completely packed up the room.

Decluttering and packing up room by room will make the task of unpacking a lot easier as you’ll know where each item belongs.

During the decluttering process, decide which items are no longer of use and add them to a donation pile.


  1. Invest in a self storage unit

While decluttering, you may find several items that you still need, or hold sentimental value, but you simply do not have space for keeping.

Put the items in a separate pile for self storage. Investing in a self storage unit is an easy way to help with the relocating process.

Whether your new home is too small, or you are attempting to minimalise, self storage provides a safe and convenient space off-site that serves as an extension of your home.


  1. Label each box

An easy way to identify the contents of each box is to label them.

Labelling your boxes is a significant organisational tool that makes the process of relocating much easier, smoother and more efficient.

Taking it a step further, you can also use colour-coding labels for each designated room or area.


  1. Use suitable padding for fragile items 

It is important to take extra care of your fragile items to avoid any possible damage. Make every effort to wrap both breakable and valuable items in order to keep them safe.

A good idea is to make use of clothes, towels and linen to wrap fragile items and protect them during transit.


  1. Pack a box of essentials for immediate use upon arrival

Relocating takes a lot of time and effort. By the time that you arrive at your new home, you most likely want to kick back, relax and take a deep breath.

The last situation that you want to find yourself in is struggling to find an essential item.

Pack a bag or box of your most important belongings and essentials so that you can settle in and feel comfortable from the get-go.

Some ideas to include in this box are toiletries, an extra pair of clothing and some food. If you are moving with your family, ensure that each family member packs his/her own personal bag.



These five simple tips will help make the relocation process more efficient and effective. Follow these tips carefully and you will discover the ease of relocating.



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