MP calls for ‘full and thorough’ investigation into recent flooding


Local MP David Rutley organised a meeting recently, with senior representatives from the Environment Agency and Cheshire East Council, to review the response to the recent flooding incidents in Poynton.

Improved flood resilience and future prevention came top of the agenda at the meeting, which was also attended by Poynton Town Council clerk Has Barlow.

Mr Rutley conveyed the widespread concerns of residents in Poynton concerning the recent flooding, and highlighted effect of previous flooding in 2016.

He asked for a clear action plan to be taken forward and communicated to address the current flood damage and called upon authorities to be more prepared for future incidents.

He also called for a full and thorough investigation into the most recent flooding incidents.

David then asked for a progress update following the recent multi-agency public drop-in event for Poynton residents.

Lee Rawlinson, Environment Agency area director for Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire, explained that his team is currently working to assess the overall extent of the flooding in and around the Poynton area.

The Environment Agency is currently gathering the data needed to inform future planning.

Mr Rawlinson asked that anyone who has been affected by the flooding but who has not logged this should contact the Environment Agency’s incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60.

Information about the support available for affected households can be obtained by calling the Environment Agency on 0345 988 1188.

David was also pleased to learn that a further public drop-in event is being planned for Bollington, as well as residents in Rainow and Kettleshulme.

Paul Bayley, director of environment and neighbourhood services at Cheshire East Council, explained that the council will be conducting a Section 19 flood investigation report.

This is a requirement of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010, and it sets out the causes and impact of the recent flooding in order to put forward a recommended plan of action. 

Following the meeting, David joined Ian McClellan, highways contracts manager at Cheshire East Council, for an update on work underway to clear drains and gullies in Poynton.

Mr Rutley reviewed damage to local infrastructure, and Mr McClellan gave assurances that there is an active programme of works underway.

This includes repairing infrastructure damaged by the flooding, such as Wards End Bridge on Moggie Lane.

Mr Rutley said he will continue to stay in close contact with local councillors, Poynton Town Council, the Environment Agency, and Cheshire East Council.

Speaking after the meeting, David commented: “Coming so soon after flooding in 2016, these recent floods have caused significant concern for the community in Poynton and more widely.

“I worked closely with Poynton Town Council, Cheshire East Council, and the Environment Agency, in the immediate aftermath of the flooding, but residents need clear reassurance that they will be more fully protected from future instances of extreme heavy rainfall.

“That is why I have called for a full and thorough investigation into the recent floods, and for a clear action plan to be developed and communicated to local residents, as an urgent priority.”



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