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Move to boost Wilmslow High School places


Cheshire East Council says it is in the process of coordinating moves to boost the number of places at Wilmslow High School.

At a recent meeting with local councillors and management at Wilmslow High, senior officers at the local authority outlined the programme of work that is now underway to increase the size of the school to meet local demand for secondary school places. 

The impact of the Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy will require the school to expand and there have been concerns raised within the Wilmslow community that there will not be sufficient places for children to attend their local school.

The scheduled work is being phased in to meet the immediate need and then respond to the demands associated with planned housing developments in Wilmslow and Handforth. 

Year 7 intakes for last year and for September 2018 have been increased to 330 pupils, which has resulted in all local children who applied to attend the school being successful.

The increase in pupil numbers will see an initial investment of over £650,000 with improved facilities across the school – none of which are to be temporary buildings.

Future phasing will see further investment on the school site by the council as part of planning for the future secondary education provision in Wilmslow.

This will include section 106 funding, resulting from housing developments in the area, as well as grant allocations coming in to the council.

Cllr Jos Saunders, Cheshire East Council’s cabinet member for children and families, said: “The considerable work already undertaken is geared towards meeting both the short-term needs of the school as well as planning for the long term.

“This important work is being planned and delivered in full consultation with the school and is supported by local members. 

“Having sufficient school places for every local school is a priority for the council and this programme typifies the work which is under way across the borough.

“All local Wilmslow parents and families should be reassured that we are fully committed to meeting their needs through a sustainable and creative building programme.”

Dr James Pulle, headteacher of Wilmslow High School, added: “Having a real input into the capital investment for the school is essential and there is a real commitment and excitement to continue to grow and expand our successful school. 

“The newly-completed external dining facilities are an excellent example of investment, which all pupils will benefit from and I look forward to finalising future phases of work, which allows us to deliver the very best educational opportunities for every learner.  

“Consideration of new access points on to the school site and linking into local cycle initiatives shows that this expansion programme is more than just buildings.

“Addressing access and transport issues is key to meeting increasing pupil numbers.”


(image credit: Wilmslow High School)

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