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Million-pound staff investment for Compassionate Care Group


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Staff celebrate Compassionate Care Group’s £1m investment


Compassionate Care Group has invested £1 million in its staff, increasing the pay of all support workers by a minimum of 10% on 1st April.

The award-winning Cheshire-based homecare and supported living care provider employs more than 100 carers and community support workers across the Cheshire, Greater Manchester and Derbyshire areas. 

Talking about the move to increase pay rates for employees in the field, CEO Steven Metcalf commented: “We decided to make substantial investment in our teams as a way of rewarding staff for the amazing job they do on a day-to-day basis.

“Also, as the cost of living continues to rise at an exceptional rate, we’re keen to ensure that employees won’t be as adversely affected as they could be.

“Nationally, those working in the care sector are bound to feel the pinch. By paying our staff a higher rate than the national living wage, we’re hoping to provide them and their families with financial stability.”

As an employer, Compassionate Care Group values its staff.

Steven said: “They are the frontline of our business and are responsible for building fantastic relationships with our clients.

“We are undoubtedly a people business; our staff embody our culture and reputation while delivering the high-quality care and companionship that every individual in need should receive.

“Care can be an unforgiving job and is not a role that just anyone can do.

“It requires commitment, empathy, trust and compassion to make a vulnerable individual feel safe, respected and important.

“Every staff member on our team does an amazing job, even through adversity; they are exceptional and deserve our full support and commitment.”


Compassionate Care Group CEO Steven Metcalf


The recent pay rise was met with enthusiasm by grateful staff.

One carer commented: “This is absolutely amazing news; thank you so much. A great start to April and very much appreciated.”

The company is currently in the process of building a team in the Knutsford area, close to its offices in Ashley, Cheshire, and is keen to attract new people into the sector, as Steven explained.

“In terms of recruitment, we want more local people to consider a career in care, and for it to be a financially viable option to pursue.

“Care has always been viewed as an unskilled sector – a myth that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“We want to provide careers for existing staff and individuals who will join us in the future, ensuring that we change mindsets and are at the forefront of recognition at every step of the way.

“The recent pay increase, alongside our fabulous benefits and overall employment package, sets us apart as one of the most rewarding care businesses to work for – in every area that we cover.”

Building on the strong foundations established more than a decade ago, Compassionate Care Group is currently undergoing a period of huge growth.

“Throughout the next 12 months, we plan to deliver our multiple care offerings to new geographical areas across the UK, ensuring that even more vulnerable individuals can benefit from our dedication, commitment and humanity,” added Steven.

To find out more about a career in care and joining the team, contact:





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