Manchester Airport found to have the busiest airport parking



Are you considering leaving your car at an airport parking facility during your Christmas holiday? If you are planning to fly from Manchester Airport, then the answer is more likely to be yes than any other airport in the country.

A study conducted by Staysure – a travel insurance provider based in the UK – shows that the parking facilities at Manchester airport are the busiest in the country, outdoing airports at Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow and even London.


The study – which is based on Google search data – reveals that more people search for Manchester airport car parking than at any other airport in the United Kingdom. There are three times more searches relating to airport parking in Manchester than at Heathrow.

According to the Staysure data, around 5.6% of all passengers passing through Manchester Airport make use of its parking facilities. Considering the difference in terms of passenger volume (with only 28 million passengers per year using Manchester Airport in comparison to a staggering 73.4 million at London Heathrow) this is a striking insight into the significance of travel decisions in different regions of the UK.


So why does Manchester Airport have the busiest airport parking in the country and why is parking there more popular among passengers than any London airport, even those airports with treble the amount of people flying?

The popularity of non-London airports in comparison to those in London likely stems from the fact that passengers using Manchester Airport are free of many of the restrictions on those driving to airports in and around the capital. 

Parking your car at a London airport is incredibly expensive compared to other airports around the country. Cost comparisons of UK airport parking facilities show that London airports cost as much as £15 per week more than those outside of the capital.

This, combined with London’s efficient public transport system, means that Londoners – and those living around the city who make use of London airports – are more inclined to leave their cars at home than any other passengers across the UK.

Fewer than 1 in 100 passengers flying out from London Heathrow make use of its parking – just 0.83% of Heathrow flyers. The comparative rarity of driving your own vehicle to a London airport becomes even more apparent when you consider that 3 out of every 5 flyers in the UK in 2017 flew from a London airport.

The study also revealed a universal way to save money when using airport parking facilities, regardless of whether you are in London or elsewhere in the UK. Booking your airport parking in advance is a must if you don’t want to pay large fees.

On average, airport parking becomes £3.70 a day more expensive when it is booked at the last minute, which amounts to a considerable amount of money over the course of your holiday. The last thing you want is to add unnecessarily inflated parking costs to the expense of your holiday, so make sure that you book a week or more in advance to take advantage of the lowest fees.

Unsurprisingly, the study also showed that the highest costs of all are those paid when booking airport parking on the day of travel. These can average a cost of £30 or more than it would otherwise have been at non-London airports and even more in the capital.



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