Knutsford Little Theatre – Play Festival 2019


Words by David Muncaster, photos by Rachel Perrin


Knutsford Little Theatre’s play festival is a feast of new writing from around the world.

More than 200 playwrights submitted works of ten minutes or less and the 12 best will be performed each night of the festival.

A perfect balance of funny, serious (and just plain daft) will keep audiences entertained in what promises to be a fabulous night out for any theatre lover.

The evening will start with The Tattered Tale of Sir Percy by Paul Antokolsky which is a play about the first play in a ten minute play festival!


Other plays to be performed are:

– In or Out by Mark Saunders which finds a recently deceased gentleman faced with a dilemma

– Monument Valley by Paul Lewis in which a psychological event inspires both questions and answers

– Where’s This Train Going by Bruce Guelden in which no one is who they appear to be

– Say Please by Véronique Autphenne which features a modern household implement behaving badly; Gel Us by Paige Zubel which finds two joggers questioning their motives

– Ebook Meets Treebook by Rex Mcgregor in which the old and the new find common ground

– Questions by Devshree Tiwari and Anthony Turner which is a stark reminder of the prospect faced by girls in some societies

– Cafe D’Automatique by Dave Hanson in which a couple on a first date are more honest with each other than they intend it be

– 52 Pickup by Carolyn Gage which examines the fallout after a suicide attempt

– Pyjama Karma by DavidMuncaster in which an act of kindness gets its reward 

– A Case of Anxiety by Mark Harvey Levine which is a detective story unlike any other and will feature the entire company


This is the fourth play festival at the theatre to be organised by David Muncaster.

It returns to the original format of ten minute plays this year after experimenting with longer plays and mixing it up in a highly successful festival featuring the theatre’s junior section.

David explained producing twelve plays every night is very challenging and can only be achieved due to the commitment and experience of all the volunteers at the theatre.

It brings huge rewards showcasing less familiar but very talented writers from around the world.


Knutsford Little Theatre – Play Festival 2019

Wednesday 5th – Saturday 8th June 2019 (7.30pm)

Queen Street, Knutsford, WA16 6HZ



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