Knutsford Academy head “immensely proud” of students


(image: former students celebrate exam success)


Headteacher of Knutsford Academy, James Whittaker has expressed how impressed he has been with students who attend the school as they adapt to the new way of school life.

Pupils are having to complete their school work at home with the Academy now closed due to coronavirus.

Mr Whittaker,  commented: “We had to implement a new way of working in the matter of a few days prior to the school closing and since the closure we have been just so impressed as to how the students have applied themselves.

“This has also been made all the more successful thanks to the support from our staff who have had to completely change their normal routines.

“We are also so grateful to the support from parents in their new roles as they help their children educating from from home.”

Students at Knutsford Academy are able to complete and submit work online and many teachers are now providing pre-recorded commentary with their lessons.

In addition, the academy has launched a daily podcast on its Youtube channel and added a health and wellbeing page to its website.

Teachers are also planning to add an art gallery to the academy’s website, with creative contributions from students.

Whilst the school is officially closed it has remained open to support a number of students on a daily basis whose parents are key workers (for example working for the NHS).

Mr Whittaker added: “Staffing levels are kept to a minimum with teachers taking it in turns to come in on a daily basis to support these students and especially to ensure parents can continue working in their key and such important roles at this time of national crisis.”

To support the NHS, Knutsford Academy has donated goggles from its science labs to a local hospital.

School science technician Catherine Kenny has a contact who currently working in the NHS, and a friend mentioned the shortage of goggles and so came up with idea that these could be provided by the school. The goggles were delivered this week.

“These are incredibly unique times,” said Mr Whittaker.

 “Even with the students working from home we are continuing to remind them of the key messages in terms of social distancing, washing hands frequently.

“It’s also really important that they take a number of breaks from their school work during the day, including going out with other members of their household once a day for a walk, run or cycle.”




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