Jo Conchie – Lib Dem candidate for Cheshire PCC


Liberal Democrats in Cheshire have chosen Winsford resident Jo Conchie as their candidate for Cheshire police and crime commissioner.

Conchie has degrees in both law and criminology, and years of direct experience working with the police.

She says her priorities are for residents to feel safe at home, at work and in their community – and to have the law on their side.

She said: “I want to prevent crime, protect people and engage with communities. I believe that everybody should feel safe at home, work and in their community.

“I also feel strongly that law should work for residents. There should be a greater level of transparency and community consultation, to build trust and efficiency.”

She added: “Cheshire hasn’t had a female police and crime commissioner yet. The recent case of Sarah Everard has highlighted just how many women feel unsafe when out and about.

“As a woman I know first-hand how it feels in a way that only women can truly understand. I would come at the role with a fresh perspective on many similar issues. 

“I have a law degree and trained to be a barrister so that I could fight for justice.

“I decided to do a masters degree in criminology and criminal psychology so that I could research and focus on the causes of crime, with a view to preventing criminal activity before it takes place.

“Over the last 7 years I’ve worked on the front-line with police officers from forces all around the country.

“I’ve seen first-hand the challenges that officers face and the support that they need to allow them to fight crime effectively.”

Conchie outlined a seven-point plan for policing Cheshire which covers:

  1. Engage with Communities
  2. Prevent Burglaries
  3. Real Action on Domestic Violence
  4. Tackle Drug Crime
  5. Fight Rural Crime and Protect our Pets from Theft
  6. Support our Young, Elderly and Vulnerable Residents
  7. Prevent Anti-Social Behaviour

The Lib Dem candidate told So Cheshire that safety on the county’s roads is on her agenda too.

“It’s unacceptable that serious harm or death must occur before safety measures can be implemented in some locations.

“I would work with residents, road safety charities and the council to identify roads that need serious attention and look into funding for traffic calming measures where needed.”

On why people should vote for her, she explained: “I have the education, experience, compassion and dedication to make the changes needed in Cheshire.

“I dedicate my life to caring for people and looking after our communities. I offer a fresh perspective to the role and my focus is on crime prevention.

“Let’s prevent people from falling victim to crime at all. Let’s prevent crime, protect people and engage with communities.”

Jo Conchie previously stood in the 2019 local council elections and gained national recognition in 2020 for establishing the Winsford Good Neighbour scheme.

The scheme sees volunteers collecting medication, doing shopping for people self-isolating, providing reassurance calls, walking dogs, working with local food banks and the Salvation Army to provide food parcels, putting people in touch with mental health counsellors, connecting people with debt management professionals and providing clothing and support for homeless people.





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