Introducing the new DS 7 Crossback


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Manufacturer-owned Robins & Day is thrilled to be re-launching the new DS 7 Crossback at its DS Salon, Sale later this month, along with undertaking preparations for the imminent arrival of the brand new DS 3 Crossback model.

The new DS 7 Crossback is a completely new vehicle, hand-finished to the highest luxury specifications and to a standard that isn’t rivalled in its sector.

Much like a good tailor, the DS 7 Crossback will let you find a style that suits you – with four ‘inspirations’ to choose from for your interior.

Indeed, designers have borrowed techniques used in haute couture, such as the pearl topstitching on interior fabric taking its name from its pearl-shaped pattern it creates.

DS leathers are the result of a long, 21 step process of hide development, with a rigorous selection process involving the best suppliers in Europe.

Most hides used in the DS’s Nappa leathers originate from Southern Germany (Bavaria) and from Austria, as the animals are raised in pastureland without barbed wire and without mosquitoes.

These leaves a hide chosen for its look, feel, smell and colour, with no imperfections.

The inspirations behind the model incorporate the noblest of materials, used generously to provide a unique interior with a premium custom feel.



DS Inspiration BASTILLE offers a unique design, inspired by the famous Place de la Bastille. To represent this Parisian monument, innovative production methods have been used to combine bronze textiles and textured motifs and create a warm ambiance throughout. 



DS Inspiration PERFORMANCE Line is made to measure for those looking for sporting style, combined with comfort and refinement. Alcantara® is the perfect choice, adorning both the seats and dashboard, evoking the spirit of Grand Touring. 



DS Inspiration RIVOLI takes us to the street of the same name with its luxury boutiques, the famed Tuileries gardens, and last but not least the Louvre Palace itself. Noble materials, including authentic grained leather, with a diamond-themed design, express style and sophistication. 



The Palais Garnier opera house in Paris is among the most prestigious in the world. In its heyday it was a symbol of rebirth for the French capital and recognised as a cultural hotspot. With a facade decorated by gold and elaborate marble friezes, this is a building of absolute opulence. DS Inspiration OPERA was designed with the same intentions. This top of the range trim includes Nappa leather, creating a unique ambiance. 


The DS 7 Crossback is a thinkers car, for somebody who appreciates the finer things in life but doesn’t follow the crowd.

Drawing on the marque’s heritage – the original DS was used by the French royalty and presidents – this new vehicle takes the brand into the modern era.

As a standalone marque, the designers have been given free reign to include all the tech goodies you’d wish for!

That includes night vision, adaptive suspension, voice recognition, USB and bluetooth hands-free connectivity, traffic sign recognition, keyless entry and much more.

The DS 7 Crossback symbolises the very best in French know-how (savoir-faire).


All this luxury from as little as £299 per month – click here to find out more.


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