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Alderley Edge Neighbourhood Plan opens for consultation


The Alderley Edge Neighbourhood Plan is beginning to emerge, with a consultation period beginning today (Monday 5th November 2018).

Over the last two years, a small group of volunteers – comprising residents, parish councillors and local business owners – has been working to produce the Neighbourhood Plan for Alderley Edge.

The group has spent time assessing the results of previous consultations and surveys, and taken account of data provided by Cheshire East Council as well as the output from the emerging borough-wide Cheshire East Local Plan.

Policies suggested for the Alderley Edge Neighbourhood Plan cover five areas of village life: 

  1. Housing 
  2. Local Economy 
  3. Village Centre 
  4. Character & Landscape 
  5. Transport & Infrastructure 

The steering group is now urging residents, employers and employees to tell them what they think about the proposed plans.


What’s the purpose of the Alderley Edge Neighbourhood Plan? 

The Neighbourhood Plan will be used by Cheshire East Council to decide whether or not to approve future planning applications in Alderley Edge.

It is the primary way in which the whole community can have a say about the future of the village.


Why is it important? 

Alderley Edge is thought of as a prosperous community which is attractive to property developers.

It cannot be assumed, however, that the interests of property developers and the local community will be the same as one another.

If they aren’t, then the Neighbourhood Plan gives residents, business owners and workers in the village a chance to have influence over planning decisions.

It also gives them a chance to have a say over matters such as:

  • The design, size and location of new housing 
  • Parking 
  • Roads 
  • Walking and cycling 
  • Green spaces – such as the park 
  • Community facilities – like the medical centre and library 
  • The local economy


What happens next? 

The policies set out in the full report can be read online at and in person at Alderley Edge Library or Alderley Edge Festival Hall.

At this stage the proposals are not highly detailed, that will come at the next stage.


What happens after this consultation? 

The steering group will take all views into account and draw up the Alderley Edge Neighbourhood Plan document.

This document will be put out for further formal consultation over a six-week period in 2019 (this stage is referred to in Neighbourhood Plan terminology as ‘Regulation 14’).

Following this public consultation process, the Alderley Edge Neighbourhood Plan will be reviewed and submitted to Cheshire East Council together with a consultation statement that sets out who has been consulted and how their views have informed the plan.

Cheshire East Council will then re-consult, before the plan is subjected to scrutiny by an independent examiner.

Once any further amendments have been made, the plan will be subject to a local referendum and then ‘made’ by Cheshire East Council.

From then on it will be used to determine any planning applications in Alderley Edge.


Have your say before the consultation closes on 3rd December 2018

Here’s how:

  • Come to a drop-in event at Alderley Edge Festival Hall on 10th November 2018, 11.30am to 3.30pm. Here you can meet the team, find out more and complete the survey.
  • Visit and complete the survey which will be live from 5th November until 3rd December 2018.
  • Reference copies of the policies and feedback forms are available at Alderley Edge Library and Alderley Edge Festival Hall.
  • Email to be kept up to date.



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