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Halloween hacks – so easy they’re scary!


Recycling old milk cartons, filling discarded orange peel with sweeties and freezing toy spiders in ice cubes are just three ways you could save cash but still enjoy a spooky Halloween.


  1. Spooky lighting

Use old jam jars, decorate with red or black yarn and add a tea light to create the glow.


  1. Flying bats

Use some black card or black felt and cut out the shape of bats. Use double sided sticky tape or string and place them around the room.


  1. Spooky milk cartons

Use a black marker pen to draw a scary face on an empty milk carton then fill with fairy lights inside, using tape to create a glowing ghost effect.


  1. Candy orange pumpkins

Cut the top off an orange then scoop out the insides (which can be used as you please), carve a spooky face in the front of the orange and fill with sweets of your choice for a trick or treat.


  1. Spider ice cubes

Buy a bag of small plastic spiders and place one in each section of an ice cube tray. Freeze and place in drinks when ready. (Caution: take care not to swallow the plastic spiders when the ie defrosts!)


  1. Glowing plastic cup lights

Draw scary faces on an upside down plastic cup using a black marker then add an LED tea light inside for a glowing effect.


  1. From t-shirt to Harry Potter robe

Use an over-sized black t-shirt and cut down the middle to create a cloak for your kids. Finish off with sewing button at the neck to hold the cloak together and decorate with the house badge of your choice.


  1. Monster rocks

Use stones from your back garden and paint with a colour of your choice then add some googly eyes with black paint.


  1. From umbrella to bat wings

Disassemble a black umbrella and get rid of any unwanted wires. Cut down the middle of the material to create two separate wings then stitch from the wrist to the underarm to create extending wings for a costume.


  1. Strawberry ghosts

Dip strawberries in white chocolate or icing then add eyes and a mouth with milk chocolate once dry. You can add a food colouring of your choice if you wish.


  1. Bewitched table

Dress your table legs with old striped tights and stick with masking tape then place the bottom of the table legs in a pair of old ragged boots. Add a dark table cloth on top to cover the tape.


  1. Toilet paper eyes

Take old toilet paper rolls and cut eyes in them. Add a glow stick or LED tea light. For the best effect use in an area with low lighting.


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