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Derbyshire County Council’s new cabinet announced



Anti-clockwise from front: Barry Lewis, Simon Spencer, Carol Hart, Carolyn Renwick, Julie Patten, Natalie Hoy, Tony King, Kewal Singh Athwal and Alex Dale


Derbyshire’s newly-elected administration has announced its intended key appointments ahead of its AGM on 26th May.

The Conservatives retained control of the county council in last week’s local elections, and now have 45 seats out of a total of 64.

Trevor Ainsworth remains chair, with Jean Wharmby becoming cvic chair, and David Wilson as civic vice chair.

Stuart Swann will support the cabinet in his role as the chief whip.


The new Cabinet line-up (to be confirmed at AGM on 26th May)

  • Leader and Cabinet Member for Strategic Leadership, Culture, Tourism and Climate Change: Councillor Barry Lewis
  • Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Corporate Services and Budget: Simon Spencer
  • Cabinet Member for Adult Care: Natalie Hoy
  • Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Environment: Carolyn Renwick
  • Cabinet Member for Highways Assets and Transport: Kewal Singh Athwal
  • Cabinet Member for Education: Alex Dale
  • Cabinet Member for Children’s Services and Safeguarding: Julie Patten
  • Cabinet Member for Clean Growth and Regeneration: Tony King
  • Cabinet Member for Health and Communities: Carol Hart


Council leader Cllr Lewis said: “I’m delighted that I am able to announce our intended new team following the election who will deliver our commitments made to the people of Derbyshire.

“We will take more steps to deal with climate change and are putting the green agenda at the centre of everything we do.

“In order to drive our agenda forward we are setting up a new Climate Change and Carbon Reduction Committee.

“This committee will hold the council to account and ensure we meet our pledge to achieve net carbon emissions from the county council’s own estate and property by 2032 and take the lead in helping to achieve this for the whole of Derbyshire by 2050.”

Cllr Lewis added: “We also know that young people have been significantly affected over the past year so we will be unveiling plans to help with skills and employment opportunities, particularly focusing on the most disadvantaged in our society.

“We’ll also be prioritising the mental health of our young people.

“As we announced last autumn, we are about to embark on the largest programme of improvements on our roads for many years.

“This year we will spend in excess of £40m on improving roads, drains, bridges, retaining walls and pavements.

“And of course, our work to help the county recover from the pandemic will carry on. We will be doing all we can, with our partners, to get businesses back on their feet and get more people into work.

“It’s an ambitious programme, but with this excellent team it is one that I know we can deliver.”

The Conservatives now hold 45 seats on the council, with Labour holding 14, the Liberal Democrats holding 4 seats, and the Green party gaining one seat.




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