Congleton Paddling Pool opens this Saturday!



With temperatures set to soar this weekend, Congleton Town Council is once again expecting the town’s ever-popular paddling pool to be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

The free to use tourist attraction on Park Road in Congleton will be open on Saturday 26th May at 10am.

It will then remain open, weather permitting, every day between 10am and 6pm until Sunday 9th September 2018.

The paddling pool is run and managed by Congleton Town Council. A paddling pool attendant, (who can be clearly identified in their light blue polo shirt) will always be present when the pool is open.

The attendants have keys to the toilets and first aid box and they act as a first point of contact for any queries regarding the pool.

The paddling pool is designed for children aged 11 years and under and all children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Due to record numbers at the paddling pool in 2017, a new 150 person limit has been set for the attraction, following health and safety guidance.

This may mean that on very hot days, two sessions will be introduced: the first being 10am-1.45pm and the second being 2.15pm-6pm.

At the end of the first session everyone will need to leave the pool enclosure. Those turning up when a session is full will be offered a ticket to the next session.

Streetscape development officer at Congleton Town Council, Ruth Burgess said: “Congleton Paddling Pool has been enjoyed by families with young children for many decades.

“It is a great facility and we hope that the 2018 summer season will be just as successful and enjoyed by many.

“We ask all users to be respectful of the new 150 limit rule, other users and of the residents and businesses in the surrounding area.”

For safety reasons, users are asked not to take food and drink into the water and to make sure that all litter is put in the bins. Bikes, dogs, glass and alcohol are also prohibited at the pool.

Users are reminded to be respectful of local residents and to remember that Daneside Theatre car park is a private car park and cannot be used for the pool.

A number of town centre car parks are available, a short walk from the pool and park.


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