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Cheshire PCC candidate – Nick Goulding, Reform UK



We are providing all the candidates seeking election as Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) with the opportunity to tell our readers what their priorities are, and to tell us a little more about themselves.

We’ve asked the same four questions to each candidate, for straightforward comparison, and we have invited candidates to supply social media and website links if they choose to.

In this article we speak to Nick Goulding, standing for Reform UK.


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(1) Please tell us a little about yourself.

Lt Col (Retd) Nick Goulding TD retired after 30 years’ regular and reserve service, having commanded his Regiment, deployed to Iraq, and been a senior staff officer in a 5 star operational headquarters.

In his civilian career Nick spent 20 years campaigning at the highest levels on behalf of small businesses.

Living in Cheshire for 30 years with his wife and four children, Nick started his own (taxi) business which provides work for a hundred people.

He is a local charity Trustee and was for several years the principal carer for a disabled friend who has now sadly passed away.

(2) What do you feel are the policing priorities in our area?

In my opinion policing has allowed itself to become too detached from the communities they serve

Restoring this link and the mutual trust which goes with it would be my top priority. Many individual issues such as antisocial behaviour could be addresses through this route.

My second priority would be addressing the scourge of fraud. The police have abdicated responsibility by passing the buck to Action Fraud (which is not fit for purpose) so local people are fobbed off and see no proper police response when they may have lost their life savings to fraudsters.

(3) What initiatives would you seek to implement if elected on 6th May?

Building on the Neighbourhood policing initiative of the current Commissioner which I applaud I would seek to develop police career management so that experienced officers could be retained in post as neighbourhood officers for periods of perhaps 6 to 10 years giving them the community contact and knowledge to restore trust in policing.

At the same time I would seek to engage with parish and town councils to ensure that the local communities are clearly engaged in setting local police priorities.

In larger urban areas where these councils do not exist alternative structures would be required.

(4) What skills/experience would you look to bring to the role?

I have broad experience of managing large numbers of people in command and on the staff, in both military and civilian life.

I worked for many years at policy development engaging with ministers, members of parliament and officials both at a higher policy and a detailed implementation level.

Both running a Taxi Company and as a Parish Council Chairman I have direct experience of many issues relevant to Crime and policing especially as it impacts on local communities.

My small business work included long running research into the impact of crime on small businesses with the university of Nottingham.



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