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Boundary Commission for England’s review of constituencies in Cheshire


We take a look at the independent Boundary Commission for England’s (BCE) proposals – which would need to be ratified by MPs in order to come into effect – for Cheshire.

A review was called for in order to provide greater equality of electorate size across each area.

The commission decided to treat Merseyside and Cheshire as a sub-region, due to feedback from previous consultations suggesting that the formation of constituencies spanning the River Mersey would be strongly opposed.

Early next year, the BCE will launch in-person consultations across the country.

All comments will help further refine the proposals before views are sought on any revisions later in 2022.

The Commission must submit its final report and recommendations by July 2023.

It’s anticipated the new boundaries would be in place in time for the next general election, unless one is called early.

The new parliamentary seats for Cheshire remain at eleven in total, with the suggested changes as follows:



Chester North and Neston (currently City of Chester)

The city of Chester will cease to have a self-contained constituency if the new plans go ahead. Areas north of the River Dee will be shared with a new constituency which also encompasses Neston, while areas to the south will form part of a new South Cheshire constituency.



The proposed Congleton constituency is very similar to its existing configuration apart from the Dane Valley ward which goes to Tatton.


Crewe and Nantwich

The proposals for Crewe and Nantwich leaves the constituency changed by just one ward (the removal of Wynbunbury to South Cheshire) except for realignment with local government ward changes.


Ellesmere Port (currently Ellesmere Port and Neston)

Ellesmere Port and Neston will lose Neston to the new Chester North and Neston seat.

It’ll take in Eastham and Bromborough from Wirral but will be renamed Ellesmere Port.



Macclesfield constituency remains wholly unchanged.


Northwich (currently part of Weaver Vale)

Weaver Vale will disappear – and will be split between a new seat that includes Northwich and most of Winsford, while the other parts of the constituency (which will be named Runcorn and Helsby) will take in all of Runcorn, Helsby, Frodsham and some rural patches.


Runcorn and Helsby (currently part of Weaver Vale)

Formerly part of Weaver Vale (which will disappear) this new seat will consist of Runcorn, Helsby, Frodsham and some rural patches.


South Cheshire (currently Eddisbury)

Eddisbury will go, and be renamed South Cheshire. It will lose most of Winsford but will gain the southern parts of the old City of Chester constituency as well as Wybunbury from the former Crewe and Nantwich seat.

The River Dee will be the constituency boundary between South Cheshire and the Chester North and Neston constituency.



Tatton will remain, but will lose the parts of its seat that lie in Cheshire West.

It will, however, gain Lymm and Thelwall from Warrington South.


Warrington North

The proposed Warrington North constituency is unchanged from the existing constituency, except for a few minor boundary tweaks to align it with local government ward changes.


Warrington South

Warrington South is set to lose Lymm and Thelwall to Tatton.




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