NHS statement on next steps for specialist mental health services


A statement has been released this afternoon (Friday 17th August 2018) regarding the next steps following the consultation earlier this year on the redesign of adult and older people’s specialist mental health services in Eastern Cheshire, South Cheshire and Vale Royal.

The joint statement, from NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG, NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG and NHS Vale Royal CCG, said:


“These important services serve a population of 480,000. At the very heart of what we are aiming to achieve, through our proposals, is to improve the health and wellbeing of people with severe mental health problems.

“There is an absolute commitment to have available to our local populations services and support that enable our patients “to thrive, not just to survive.” 

“We would like to thank everyone who either took part in or supported the delivery of our three-month public consultation. We ran a very comprehensive consultation process.

“All 7,000 patients across Eastern Cheshire, South Cheshire and Vale Royal who are currently supported by, or accessing, adult and older people’s specialist mental health services received a personal copy of the consultation document.

“We held seven public engagement consultation meetings and 26 community events with over 700 attendees. We were also successful in gaining widespread print and social media coverage which helped to further encourage people to #JoinTheConversation. 

“All of the feedback that was received throughout the consultation period has been analysed independently.

“Given the breadth and depth of feedback from patients, the public and organisations, it is vital that we now have time to fully consider this before making any decisions. As such, no decision has been made or will be made until later this year.

“The full consultation report will be made publicly available in early September on the websites of each Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), and we will also attend the local authority’s health scrutiny meeting to present the findings of the consultation.

“A decision-making business case will then be prepared and brought to a meeting in public of the three CCGs before the end of the year when a decision will be made with regards how to progress.

“We will continue to keep patients and the wider public informed of our next steps.”





About NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG:

NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG represents 23 GP practices which together plan and buy healthcare for 206,000 people in and around Alderley Edge, Bollington, Chelford, Congleton, Disley, Handforth, Holmes Chapel, Knutsford, Macclesfield, Poynton and Wilmslow.

For more information on Eastern Cheshire CCG, visit:


About NHS South Cheshire CCG / NHS Vale Royal CCG:

NHS South Cheshire and NHS Vale Royal CCGs’ overall aims are to improve the health of local people, improve the care they receive, as well as their experience of it, and to deliver value for money by using resources effectively.

The health services it commissions range from hospital and mental health services to district nursing, health visiting or other community-based teams.

The CCGs also work with other organisations to decide what the health and social care needs are in their areas.

For more information on South Cheshire CCG, visit:

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