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Cheshire West and Chester Council elections 2023 – Whitby Groves candidates



We’ve asked all of the candidates standing for election to Cheshire West and Chester Council to provide our readers with a short introduction to themselves.

We’ll publish these daily for all 45 council wards (in alphabetical order) in the build up to the local elections on 4th May 2023.

You can view all of the Cheshire West and Chester Council candidate submissions together by clicking here.

Listed below are all of the candidates seeking your vote in the Whitby Groves ward.

Voters in Whitby Groves can select one candidate to represent them on Cheshire West and Chester Council.



White Groves candidates:

  • Brian Anderson (Conservatives)
  • Kate Grannell (Green Party)
  • Jimmy Shannon (Labour)



Brian Anderson (Conservatives)

Nothing submitted.



Kate Grannell (Green Party)

I have lived in Whitby for many years with my family. 

I care deeply about the area and have been a community leader in the campaign against the hydrogen village trial.

I am working hard to ensure that residents’ views are listened to and respected. 

I’m overwhelmed by the encouragement and support that I have received over the last few months.

Many residents have said they are voting for me in the local council elections this May because I work hard and I’m the only candidate that actually lives in our area.



Jimmy Shannon (Labour)

People who know me, know that I am for the people. I’ll fight hard for the interests of Whitby residents, because that’s who I am.

It’s been a turbulent time in local and national politics, but over this past year I hope I have shown people in Whitby that I am a grafter, and that I don’t give up easily.

I have traditional Labour values – I believe in community, hard work and fairness.

So whether it’s representing the views of residents over the hydrogen village proposal, organising clean up days to clear litter and fly-tipping in our community, or helping people out with neighbourhood issues like reporting road repairs, I have shown that I have got what it takes to be a proper councillor for Whitby.

I’m not a single issue campaigner, I care about every issue. I care about you, your family and the town we live in.

I hope you can support me on Thursday 4th May – I won’t let you down.



So Cheshire remains proudly non-partisan and has provided the same opportunity to all parties and independent candidates.

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