So Showbiz launches in Cheshire


We are delighted to announce that ‘Media Mouth’ Susan Hanks has joined the So Cheshire team to bring you ‘So Showbiz’, a brand new podcast packed with celebrity interviews and all the latest on “what’s on” across our area.

(And, before you ask, no, we’re not being cheeky – that’s the name of her agency!)

Susan is a broadcaster, event host and voice over artist. She was formerly a stand-up comedian, and has built up an impressive cv working for a variety of local radio stations and as an event host across the North West.

We caught up with Susan to discuss her latest project, and to find out what we can expect from the ‘Media Mouth’…


Hi Susan, we’re delighted that you’ve joined us as the new host of ‘So Showbiz’. Tell our listeners a little bit more about yourself before you meet via the podcast…

“So! I’m Susan and I’m proud to be the host for So Showbiz. I love meeting people, hearing their stories and sharing them with our listeners.

“We are lucky to live in exciting times where amazing things happen around us all and if they can’t be at the hive of the activity when it happens – we can!”


Well we’re very excited to hear about all of the gossip you’ve extracted for us. How can people find out more for themselves?

“You can hear about it just by getting involved here (even on a quick break at work while your boss doesn’t suspect a thing!)

“Call yourselves ‘inquisitive’ and I’ll admit to being ‘nosey’ and together we will find out everything we want to know in our area when the important people hit the postcode.

“Keep following So Cheshire’s social media channels, and you won’t miss a thing!”


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And tell us a bit about yourself…

“Well I’m a broadcaster and event host with a background in comedy. Basically I love the thought of putting a chuckle in your cheeks!

“If we cross paths, come and say hello (particularly if you have a dog, I love dogs!) and if we bump into each other in a coffee shop then let’s cackle over a cupcake!

“Actually, I’ll let you into a secret. Until I meet the real Daniel Craig, I have a life size cardboard cut out for company. You won’t tell anyone will you?


HAHA! Ok, we promise we won’t tell anyone! Susan you seem like a right hoot! Is this what we can expect from the So Showbiz podcasts too?

“Absolutely! I spoke with Ampika from The Real Housewives of Chehsire for our first podcast, and we’ve got some big names from the music world lining up for our next few editions already! It’s all very exciting!

“Anyway, cheers for you ears and let’s share this with other ‘inquisitive’ friends.”


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