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New rules for four-legged friends


New rules that will affect dog owners will soon be introduced across Cheshire West following changes to anti-social, crime and policing legislation.

Cheshire West and Chester Council says it needed to streamline various by-laws and orders that already existed in different areas of the borough.

Cllr Karen Shore said: “A wide-ranging consultation and review of dog control took place earlier this year because we wanted to find out what action residents thought was needed to keep our communities safe but also balancing the needs of dog owners.

“Based on feedback from the consultation, a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) on dog control was then drafted.”

The order was approved by the council’s cabinet in September and came into force on 20th October 2018.

The new dog control order includes the following rules:

  • Exclude dogs from enclosed children’s play area containing play equipment.
  • Exclude dogs from partially or fully enclosed multi use games areas and tennis courts.
  • Dogs must always be kept on lead in council cemeteries.
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead in Grosvenor Park, as is currently required.
  • Dogs must be put on a lead on the direction of an authorised officer.
  • When a lead is required it must be no longer than two metres in length and if it an extendable lead it must be locked at two metres.
  • All dog walkers are required to carry a means to collect dog foul – bags, scoops, etc.
  • The maximum number of dogs to be walked by one person at any one time, whether on behalf of business or themselves, is restricted to six.

The council is also undertaking a trial whereby people caught not collecting their dog’s foul will be offered the alternative of testing and registration of their dog on a DNA database rather than a Fixed Penalty Notice.

Delegating the power to issue fines to officers from town and parish councils will also be trialed.

Assistance dogs are exempt from the new exclusion areas and foul collection rule.

Temporary signage regarding the new rules is being placed in key locations across the borough, and permanent signage will follow later.


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