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Former local businessman to stand for Freedom Alliance in Chester by-election



The Freedom Alliance party has announced former local businessman Chris Quartermaine as their candidate in the upcoming Chester by-election.

Chris, currently a resident of Broughton, has lived in the area since 1975 and ran health food shops in the city centre for over 40 years.

He says he is a strong advocate for small businesses, and was dismayed by the government’s Covid-19 response, which he feels decimated many previously thriving businesses in Chester (including his own former shop) and across the country.

Chris said: “I am standing for Freedom Alliance in the Chester by-election to be a voice for the politically homeless, for those who are unable to vote for any of the main parties, and don’t trust the political system. 

“There is no difference between the Conservatives and Labour on any of the political issues that have had and continue to have such a devastating impact on people’s lives and livelihoods – the totally disproportionate covid measures; the lockdowns, business closures, and removal of civil liberties; the vast sums spent on the war in Ukraine; the reckless money printing and government borrowing funding these pernicious policies, leading to rampant inflation; the fixation on Net Zero, causing energy and fuel prices to skyrocket, and plunging people into poverty.

“Our political leaders do not serve the people. I am standing in the Chester by-election because I want that to change.” 

Freedom Alliance is a grassroots political party, set up in 2020 in opposition to lockdowns.

The part says it  has developed a full range of policies designed to protect individual liberties and end government overreach.

Freedom Alliance envisions a society in which individuals, families and communities are freed from state and corporate control.

Party leader Jonathan Tilt said: “We are delighted to have Chris standing for us in Chester in defence of personal and community freedom. 

“The state control agenda is pushing forward relentlessly, and largely unnoticed.”

He added: “Residents of Chester, like the rest of the UK, are now suffering from a cost of living crisis that was an inevitable consequence of the UK government’s Covid-19 response.

“Freedom Alliance was a lone political voice back in 2020 warning that crippling inflation would result from the absurd pandemic spending.

“Soaring interest rates are now being used to further cripple homeowners and small businesses, whilst banks enjoy ever greater profits.”


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